Our Culture and sustainability

G Force Athletics (GFA) was created to inspire, protect and recover athletes like never before. 
Our focus and research has primarily been on football and hockey, but this  gear can be used for ANY SPORT that needs a shield from cutting object injuries, temperature control, moisture wicking, and muscle support.  The OT products and all our  mineral infusion items can also relieve anxiety, help with insomnia and overall well being. 

We partnered with manufacturers  and designers right here in New JerseyCalifornia and abroad to research and develop fabrics, gear and products to meet and exceed our expectations!  All while maintaining eco friendly standards, and supporting our environment through the entire process.  From material sourcing that is conscious of animal welfare and agriculture, to fabric production without hazardous treatments, and gear that is made by skilled human hands.   

GFA encourages the participation of all players young and young at heart !  We are welcoming everyone to be on "Team GFA" today !

We are proud to offer innovative natural products that enhance your game experience from Pre to Post and relieve aches and pains , while improving your endurance in between .    Featuring the most comfortable protection on the market with ionic healing right inside the fabric itself !   

All our  products are naturally antibacterial, anti odor, and safe for use with children and pets.  So get back out there ,!!  Today IS the day !

"Don't Wait To Be Great" , Luke 1:37

Thoughts from the bench

Hi I'm Gianni Annicchiarico,

Thanks for checking GFA out.

Sports and sports family have been my world for as long as I can remember (my mom has pics going back farther lol).  Beyond being fun and keeping me in shape, team sports have given me confidence, taught me how to deal with stress, persevere through impossible circumstances, and work as part of a team.

Most importantly, I've always had a sports family and that sports family has been there for me in more ways than I can count.  It was my football church family, who bought my ice hockey jerseys when my mom couldn't.  Its' been coaches and sports family that have gotten me to practices and games when I needed a ride.  Field snack stands, and ice rinks that have been more than gracious to me, so that I could keep playing.  To all of them, Thanks so much.  

The saying  "never judge a book by its' cover" is true.  Everybody has some issue they're dealing with, most of the time.   Usually, it's not so obvious and people make a lot of assumptions, based on the 'face' people show them or what they post.

Sports for me has been a place away from my issues, surrounded by people teaching me, challenging me, encouraging me, and sometimes just believing in me and reminding me to laugh.

Every time, when I step onto a field, or ice, I am humbled and appreciative of the blessing and opportunity to play sports.  Thanks to God and my family for making sacrifices so that I can play , and the family that I've gained through sports, for encouraging me to keep going.

Don't Wait to be Great

Most of us will not make it to play in college, the NHL, the NFL or anything with a bunch of letters, So let's make NOW special and important!  These are our "good old days' in the making, let's enjoy every minute of this journey!!

At the end of the day, I'm just an average kid, who played above average tackle football, and now some above average ice hockey. Just like you,we're all on a journey to be Elite and for many more to just stay in the game .

Thinking about the things that I've wanted over the years to help my game improve, one of my biggest wishes, has been for more comfortable gear, to stay out there a little while longer.  This business is a few special items, to help improve our endurance, let out your Relentless athlete and stay out there a little while longer. I know you're going to love them as much as I do ! 

Wellness showcase

Courage in sports, gives confidence to future life adventures! 

Youth sports have been a part of my life always.  From figure skating to rugby in college now !!  With track and field, football and ice hockey in between!! 

Nothing has inspired me more, or given me the grit to take a chance and step out of my comfort zone than my sports family and my coaches !  Thanks to them all and my family at home for supporting my every team, cheering me on no matter what the score, and never letting me give up !    I love you !

Pushing my limits in sports has given me the assurance of success. 

I OWN the determination to work through presented problems in my pre-med college studies now! 

Check out my "OT" section for some fresh concepts, in all-natural based athletic products !!  My Organic and Biochemistry TA experience is in full effect !! lol

All of us here at G Force Athletics are committed to keeping you protected,  while inspiring you to play your best, and recover in the healthiest possible way!

At the periodic table, Phia   '25