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G Force Athletics was born when Gianni, too hot and uncomfortable in his neck guard shirt, started cutting his sleeves. His defense? "Mom, everyone else in the locker room is doing it too!" Unable to find a proper solution, we created the original Short Sleeve Neck Guard Shirt. Our brand is unique not only for this innovative design but also for incorporating medical-grade healing into all our fabrics, benefiting both young and older athletes. Our passion and dedication were highlighted on Amazon Prime Video's competition show, The Blox (Season 15), where we shared our journey and the genuine reasons behind our brand's creation.

Who We Are

  • Family-Owned: Protecting athletes like a hockey parent would.
  • Athlete Founders: Co-founded by current playing athletes.
  • Expertise Backed by Medicine: Supported by 29 years of medical practice and research.
  • Our Motto: "Play Longer, Play Stronger...above all play safer."
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Innovative Products

We created the original Short Sleeve Neck Guard Shirt, ensuring unmatched protection and comfort.

Family-Owned and Athlete-Driven

Our brand is founded and driven by current playing athletes who understand the needs and demands of the sport.

Medical Expertise

With 29 years of licensed medical practice and current medical research backing our products, we prioritize safety and efficacy.

Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology

Our custom, lighter-than-imaginable fabrics and patented Mineral Infused fabrics enhance endurance, reduce muscle cramping, and offer antibacterial and anti-odor benefits

Commitment to Research

We continually validate our product benefits through ongoing studies, like the MEMIE24 study on Muscle Effects of Mineral Infusion on Endurance.

Proven Results

Our products are designed to help athletes "Play Longer, Play Stronger...above all play safer," with tangible benefits like increased endurance and improved well-being.

Play Safe, Perform Great

Check Out The Feedback From Those Who Know Us Best


Shirt looks and feels great on my player

-Georgia GH


It's comfortable and it doesn't choke you like the other neck guards do

-Robbie Robertson


The customer service I received while placing my order was excellent, and my order was processed promptly. I am very satisfied with the experience.

-Evelyn James

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